Ballostar Mobile is a Swiss HUB and PROJECT SPACE for CONTEMPORARY ART related things trying to avoid underlying, rigid and abstract dogmatic structures slowing down the process of really getting somewhere –whether this might be the discovery of our very personal and long sought-after holy grail or just an ear-shattering but soon to be forgotten crash into a seemingly functionless piece of wall after a wild, over-enthusiastic hell of a ride beyond warp speed — only Dog knows...

Turns out, this purported "grail" was not at all a divine and problem solving chalice as expected before, but merely an ownerless and trampled styrofoam double cup, covered by scabby residues of dried up cough syrup which must have leaked also through the second, outer layer of the drinking vessel.

Then, at about the same time, you find out about this other individual who, long ago, chose to go down the other path and eventually crashed into said wall. After a while, you start to realize that you are the luckiest of all losers ever; coming home exhausted, disillusioned and with empty pockets — but actually, you are the one who survived the trip.

What they didn't tell you is the fact that said collision indeed dealt a hard blow to our other character, which was, however, not enough to stop him from breaking through the bricks to finally see, for the first time in his life, the dark side of the moon — which in reality was so much brighter than its counterpart and whoa — but how should you be supposed to know that if you never saw it before?

Things can be discussed, questioned and – where necessary – adapted to changed circumstances — STAY FLEX.
If you encounter any substancial bias or other uncontemporarities – ledhimknoe!


Former and now demolished location


New location: HQ
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